Energy, Oil, Gas

We have advised clients in the energy, oil and gas sectors in various capacities. Notably, we have acted as lender counsel in the majority of IPP-led energy projects in Kenya over the last five years.

Power sectors in which we have advised include coal, heavy fuel, wind and geothermal. Our clients have included the major development financial institutions such as International Finance Coroproation, African Development Bank and DEG as well as the larger commercial banks such as Standard Bank Limited and ABSA.

As lender counsel, we have advised on all facets typical to such transactions such as applicable regulations, government support, direct agreements, EPC contracts as well as all local law security documents. Our experience has shown that no two deals are identical, making it necessary for us to be innovative and solution-oriented in the advice we give so that financial closing can be achieved.

On the sponsor side, we have guided our clients on all set-up and regulatory matters and - in the wind sector in particualr - helped them to navigate the complexities of Kenyan land law.

In the more nascent oil and gas sectors, our clients include some of the better known global companies for whom we have acted in the negotiation of production sharing agreements with the Government of Kenya. Also within the scope of work we have done for such clients is included corporate and tax advice as well as guidance on relevant matters under Kenyan land and concessioning laws. More recently, we have advised clients with respect to farm-in and - out agreements.

For more information, please contact Michael Kontos or Deepen Shah